Faculty and staff from the University of Wisconsin-Madison tour the UW Emmons Blaine Dairy Cattle Research Center in Arlington, Wisconsin



Leadership Development

The Office of the Provost partners with units across campus to sponsor a number of programs designed to help develop leadership among faculty and staff, specifically department chairs.

Faculty and Staff Professional Development Chat Series

The Office of the Provost provides professional development chat series for faculty and staff, specifically for assistant professors, mid-career faculty and academic staff, on topics such as mentoring, leadership and inclusion.

Faculty Diversity Initiative

The initiative is designed to encourage department chairs and deans to strengthen faculty diversity including, but not limited to, race and ethnicity, gender and gender expression, disability-related, and social backgrounds and experiences.

Erica Halverson, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, teaches a graduate-level, identity-and-learning class in the Teacher Education building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Compensation Tools

The Office of the Provost provides central funding to support a number of compensation tools, which are designed to provide permanent increases in salary for reasons of market, merit, post-tenure review, compression and equity.

A W crest banner hanging on Bascom Hill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is pictured in relation to an out-of-focus view of the Wisconsin State Capitol

Wisconsin Experience

The Wisconsin Experience is UW-Madison’s vision for the total student experience, which combines learning in and out of the classroom. It is tied to the Wisconsin Idea and steeped in our long-standing institutional values.

Graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison collect data and water samples from Lake Mendota on a boat