Dual Career Couple Programs

UW–Madison recognizes that many university professionals are part of dual career couples, and the decision to accept a university position is often made based on the availability and quality of a position for a partner or spouse.

The Dual Career Couple Program at UW–Madison offers two distinct services to dual career couples: a hiring initiative and an assistance program.

Our Services

Dual Career Couple Hiring Initiative

In order to recruit or retain a tenured or tenure-track faculty member, the Office of the Provost may provide funds to help hire a spouse or partner into a long-term,  renewable faculty, academic staff, or university staff position at UW–Madison.

These are typically new positions and the spouse or partner is hired on a PVL waiver. Funds are not available for spouses or partners who apply for and are hired into a UW–Madison position through the standard recruitment processes.

The amount of assistance available is determined on a case-by-case basis. Typically, a three-year funding plan is agreed upon with the primary hire’s department, the spouse or partner’s department, and the Office of the Provost each providing one year of funding. The Office of the Provost prefers to provide funding in the third year of the appointment.

Application Process

The dean or associate dean of the school or college where the primary hire is (or will be) employed should initiate a request by completing the Dual Career Couple Request Form. The Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs reviews requests regularly and will notify you of their decision by email.

Transfer of Funds

Depending on the timing of the hire, funds from the Office of the Provost may be added to the school, college, or division’s annual budget allocation or transferred immediately.

Dual Career Couple Assistance Program

The Office of the Provost works with spouses and partners of new tenured and tenure-track faculty as they navigate their job search. We provide information, assistance with networking, and coaching. We do not guarantee employment nor can we prioritize applications with UW–Madison hiring committees.

Application Process

Department chairs or hiring committee chairs may refer a spouse or partner (of new tenured and tenure-track faculty) to the assistance program by completing the Dual Career Couple Request Form. Spouses and partners can use our online booking page to schedule a consultation with our team.