Compensation Tools

The Office of the Provost provides central funding to support the following compensation tools, which are designed to provide permanent increases in salary for reasons of market, merit, post-tenure review, compression and equity. Guidelines for how the funding will be allocated are sent separately to school and college budget offices.

Faculty Block Grant

Faculty Block Grants provide funding for base adjustments for tenure and tenure-track faculty and academic staff in nationally-competitive markets.

Post-tenure Review Program

The Post-tenure Review Program provides permanent base adjustments to faculty who have been identified in their unit’s post-tenure review process as having had exceptional performance during the period being reviewed.

Discretionary Compensation Fund

The Discretionary Compensation Fund provides salary base adjustments for academic staff and university staff to address retention, equity, performance and market issues.

Standard Promotion Increase (for faculty)

Standard promotion increases are permanent base adjustments provided at the time of promotion to associate professor and full professor.

Performance Bonus Program

The Performance Bonus Program provides one-time funds to be allocated for performance, particularly in cases of exceptional work or service above and beyond posted job responsibilities, with emphasis placed on efforts on climate, inclusion, and diversity issues.